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  1. Breaking down the suppositories, which some say are magical for endometriosis, periods, sex and more. (Source: Healthy Living - The Huffington Post)

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  2. "Our initial goal was to understand how these gut bacteria...might be connected to endometriosis, but...we may have found a cost-effective treatment," said the senior author of a study in mice.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Diabetes Headlines)
  3. [Namibian] IT IS rare for women to talk about menstruation or the pain they endure during those few days of every month. (Source: AllAfrica News: Pregnancy and Childbirth)
  4. A chocolate cyst is an ovarian cyst filled with blood. These growths form in people with endometriosis, usually when the condition is severe. Here, learn about the treatments for chocolate cysts and their potential effects on fertility. (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
  5. What Do They Do to See if You Have Endometriosis? (Source:
  6. Is Endometriosis a Cancer? (Source:

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  7. What Will Happen if Endometriosis Is not Treated? (Source:
  8. One of 2 new first-of-kind studies on HPV and infertility suggests that high-risk HPV may ascend to infect the upper genital tract, causing endometriosis and affecting fertility. (Source: ConsultantLive)
  9. Women living with crippling pain experience average eight- to nine-year diagnostic delayAfter allocating $4.7m in 2018 towards a national action plan to tackle endometriosis, the health minister on Tuesday announced a further $10m towards researching and raising awareness about the crippling and chronic menstrual condition.Related:Endometriosis action plan follows decades of lobbying – and sufferingContinue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
  10. Egg freezing had become so routine among my single peers that when I hit 35, I never thought twice. Here ’ s what I wish I had known. (Source: NYT Health)
  11. A new blood test could successfully diagnose up to 90% of endometriosis cases, according to a new paper published inBiomarkers In Medicine.Sky News (Source: Society for Endocrinology)

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  12. Women wait an average of 7.5 years for a diagnosis from first signs of condition. The test, developed by scientists at University of Oxford, would give results in just a few days. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
  13. “Hysteria” symptoms sound an awful lot like endometriosis, one of the most common gynecological diseases in women. (Source: Science - The Huffington Post)
  14. Ashley Humby wants you to know that endometriosis is more than just a bad period. (Source: CBC | Health)
  15. -- Endometriosis is a painful condition that occurs when the uterus lining grows outside the uterus. More than 11 percent of American women from ages 15 to 44 are affected, says the Office on Women's Health. There is no cure for endometriosis, but... (Source: - Daily MedNews)
  16. March is Endometriosis Awareness Month.  Endometriosis is a painful condition where endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus. It is estimated that up to 10% of women have endometriosis (Ozkan 2008).   Endometriosis can cause infertility and for women with subfertility the prevalence rate ranges from 25% to 40% (Ozkan 2008). Endometriosis frequently presents with the symptom of pain (Barlow 1993) including dysmenorrhoea (painful periods), dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse), and pelvic or abdominal pain.  We invited Edgardo Somigliana, MD-PhD (Dept Clinical Sciences and Community Health, Universit à degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy) to share his clinical view on endometriosis:“Endometriosis is an enigmatic but curable disease. Significant improvements have been reached...
  17. Could a new phone app help change the way we treat one of the most misdiagnosed diseases among women? (Source: Science - The Huffington Post)
  18. Gynecologic cancers include?cervical cancer, endometriosis, fibroids,?ovarian cancer, pelvic masses,?uterine cancer,?vaginal cancer?and?vulvar cancer. Mayo Clinic Connect is a place where you can meet women living with a gynecologic cancer or caring for someone with gynecologic cancer. You can ask your questions, share your story, or just say hello. "Connect members find connection, support, and information from [...] (Source: News from Mayo Clinic)
  19. After an endometriosis diagnosis, Ash launched a program that matches individuals struggling with infertility with mentors who already had been through the process. (Source: Health Care:Biotechnology headlines)
  20. As I struggle with chronic pain, cozy for me is less hygge and more my ex-boyfriend ’ s mother, nurses with juice and weird, sandy doughnuts. (Source: NYT Health)

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