NIH Health Research

A weekly summary of research developments and discoveries at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  1. Scientists stored stem cells that produce sperm for months and used them to restore fertility in male mice. The approach could potentially help young boys undergoing chemotherapy.
  2. A sensitive test accurately screened blood samples for the presence of any of the more than 300 bacteria known to cause disease in people.
  3. Researchers discovered a set of brain cells that keeps track of time in mice. The study suggests that there are separate brain circuits for recording information about time and places.
  4. A study suggests that the common practice of prescribing antipsychotic drugs to treat delirium in intensive care units may need to be reassessed.
  5. Researchers identified specific immune cells that, when triggered by bacteria, drive gum disease. The findings reveal potential treatment targets.
  6. Scientists engineered a vaccine that protects animals from both anthrax and plague. After more development and testing, the approach could be used to combat public health threats.
  7. Women who pushed earlier during labor were as likely to have a vaginal birth as those who delayed, and had fewer complications. The finding may change recommendations made to many women.
  8. Researchers identified how Bacillus bacteria, which are used in many probiotic formulations, can prevent the growth of harmful Staphylococcus aureus, or “staph,” bacteria.
  9. Researchers identified a gene that’s needed for gentle touch to turn painful after an injury. The study uncovers a possible target for treatments to relieve pain caused by skin injuries.
  10. Using fecal transplants, researchers restored beneficial bacteria in cancer patients who received antibiotics for stem cell transplant procedures.
  11. In an early trial, a combination of two antibodies suppressed blood levels of HIV for months after treatment in some people.
  12. Researchers engineered a blood pressure sensor that uses ultrasound technology and can be worn as a flexible skin patch.
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