NIH Health Research

A weekly summary of research developments and discoveries at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  1. Researchers used machine learning to develop a method of predicting which people are at risk of developing an abdominal aneurysm.
  2. Long periods of fasting between meals helped male mice live longer and healthier lives, regardless of the content of their diets.
  3. Researchers stimulated neurons to regrow across scarred spinal tissue in rodents.
  4. A device for supplying oxygen after sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital improved survival compared with a more common but invasive and difficult procedure.
  5. Studies show progress in learning to predict which patients are most likely to respond to certain cancer treatments known as immune checkpoint therapies.
  6. Researchers restored some vision in mice with congenital blindness by changing supportive cells in the retina called Müller glia into light-sensing cells.
  7. Notifying clinicians that one of their patients died of an opioid overdose reduced the number and doses of opioid medications prescribed in the following months.
  8. A large study found that, for healthy women, inducing labor at full term rather than waiting for natural labor doesn’t increase the risk of major complications for newborns.
  9. Teaching first-time mothers how to respond to their infant’s body cues reduced the child’s weight by age 3 compared with a control group.
  10. A study of older adults found that long-term exposure to dairy fats wasn’t associated with overall risk of death or death from cardiovascular disease.
  11. Researchers gained insights into how the waste clearing vessels in the brain change as mice age. The results suggests a possible way to combat the cognitive decline seen in aging and age-related diseases.
  12. Drugs that help repair the nerve cell lining that’s damaged in multiple sclerosis were found to target certain enzymes. The finding could help researchers develop new treatments for multiple sclerosis.
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