Soapstone Center For Clinical Research

Current Trials

Our Vision

To participate in clinical research

To engage our private patients and the local community by participating in clinical research. By doing so we are offering medical treatment that might otherwise be unavailable, as well as providing up to date information on medical advancements.  At the Soapstone Center for Clinical Research, we understand that medications may have varied responses amongst our diverse population. Our mission is to insure that our community is represented to acknowledge the safety and efficacy of these new medical regimens prior to their acceptance by the FDA. This can only be achieved by providing the pharmaceutical industry with quality data and patient diversity for clinical trials.

Our Experience

We have conducted clinical trials with the following Pharmaceutical companies:     

Pfizer Myovant Sciences Watson Sebela Duramed
Hoffman-LaRoche Shire Watson
Eli Lilly Sanofi-Aventis Novartis Abbott Lab Depomed Evofem Proctor&Gamble Wyeth
Novum Bayer Teva AMAG Luitpold Lumara Health Repro 3M Pharma
Javelin Symbollon Advaxis Astellas Johnson&Johnson Noven
Pinnacle Tethys Bio
Third Wave Technologies Anchen Neurocrine Boehringer-Ingelheim KV Pharma Solvay Warner Chilcott